How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider

Many people dream of putting their lives and dreams on the Web for their loved ones to see. Some people do it the hard way and proceed ond designing their site from the ground up. Others who have no time spare simply assign the task to professionals who could do the job for them.

Here are some tips for people who have the time to spend on their personal Web site project and have a bit of an adventurous streak in them. A word of advice, for those not up on the tech speak may have some problems understanding the lingo so it is advisable to ask a tech pal for help.

  1. Check the cost first. One has to decide whether their Web site will carry a name of their choice or have their name linked to the company’s name? This is commonly known as getting a domain name. If one wants a name, they have to spend for it. Some Web sites offer free web hosting but they have their company name in ones URL.
  2. Reputation. With all the many Web hosting sites around. There are some that do outstanding service with speedy response and no downtimes or missed periods. Others simply promise good service but deliver below average services. Most of the poor service includes inability to link and log into the website plus slow connection times.
  3. Customer Service. Like any other business, just because one has a web host account doesn’t mean that the customer is regulated a single email in case of trouble.

The beauty of a good Web site or Web host provider is that they provide a live person to contact or call in case any problems are. The sites that offer live support are the ones that newbie’s into web hosting should get into.

  1. Contract length. Some people believe that entering into a short contract is a good way to test the websites services and features.

While there is nothing wrong with this, the advantage of a long term contract is that the customer can see the impact of the value added services that the web host has included in the package. Users should look for a provider that offers a customizable set or services for a set price and the ability to upgrades ones account if needed.

  1. Server access. One thing that people look for in establishing their own website is the degree of control in their Web site design. There are some companies that allow full access to their servers while others have limited access. This is mainly due to security issues and user should see if they need the full access.

For the casual user, a limited amount of server access may be needed but for those on business level websites may opt to have the full package access.

Web hosting is a great way to go for user who wish to share their memories, joys, and even work online. One should take into account the budget that one can spend and the actual time involved in designing one.