iPods: The New Generation in Storage Devices

Do you ever hear people asking why are iPods so great or why everyone is making such a big deal about them? Well I can tell you exactly why iPods are the best music and multi-media storage device available. I’d like to start of by saying that I am a proud owner of a 30GB iPod video and the reason I bought an iPod was because of the amount of storage space available in such a little, compact, easy to carry device. The iPod Classic or Video allows you to not only store 1000’s of songs but over 50 hours of videos. In fact the brand new 160GB iPod Classic allows you to store 40,000 songs and over 200 hours of video. All of this memory is great to have because you don’t have to carry around all of your music collection in CD’s or cassettes.

Some people are skeptical about having so much memory. I hear people asking all the time, why do you need so many songs in one device? Every time I hear that question, I have the same answer, to have a variety of songs anytime at the touch of a finger. I can’t tell you how great it is to have any songs available to you at any point and time. Apple, the creator of iPods even made it easier for everyone to import their favorite music onto their iPods with the program called “iTunes”. With an easy click of a button, you can upload brand new songs and video to you iPod in a matter of seconds! What makes iTunes even better, is the fact that there is an online music store available right in the program! Apple could not have made using iPods and iTunes easier.

The second major reason iPods are the best multi-media storage device is because of all the accessories available. My personal favorite iPod accessory is the car adaptor. The car adaptor allows you to not only charge your iPod in the car but listen to music as well. The car adaptor is one of many great accessories including anything from carrying cases and portable speakers to docks and AV cables. All of the accessories for iPods are quality products that make the enjoyment of having an iPod even better.

IPods are often said to be unreliable and known to have many glitches. That statement is completely false. I mean, of course occasionally the iPod will freeze if you have 1000’s of songs stored and are trying to switch songs quickly but for the amount of storage the iPod has and the speed of processing the songs while playing is incredible. IPods are extremely sturdy as well. Depending on the version of iPod you get, most of them have some kind of metal in the material they’re made of. I’ve personally dropped my iPod approximately 20 times and the functioning works the same as when I took it out of the box. Also from my past experiences with MP3 players the iPod’s are definitely the most durable and most reliable out of any other brand of MP3 player.

IPods are great for any age audience. They make great gifts for anyone as well. IPods can serve many purposes, anywhere from entertaining kids with a movie to serving as a music player while jogging. IPods are really the best storage device available today.