Author: benteasa

Author: benteasa

Review of the T-Mobile Shadow
March 1, 2020 Review, TECH benteasa

The advent of smartphone has really done a great benefit to the technological growth in the world of communication. The introduction of the T-Mobile Shadow has really proven that the T-Mobile Company has what it takes to compete with their competitors around the around. The T-Mobile Shadow is equipped with a lot of fascinating features,

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Little Tikes Jam N Play MP3 Player: Fun Toddler Toy for Music Lovers
February 29, 2020 Arts & Entertainment, TECH benteasa

Our son has always loved music. Even during his early months of colic, music offered some relief from the crying. So when we discovered the Little Tikes Jam N Play MP3 Player, a mock toy MP3 player just for toddlers, we knew we had to try it for our son. The Little Tikes Jam N

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Is a 208 Volt Power Supply Better for Data Centers?
February 25, 2020 Internet, TECH benteasa

If you manage a data center, then you should pay great attention to the power requirements of your server equipment. Since the businesses nowadays are dealing with increasing amount of data and applications, the number of server equipments required in a data center is required has increased manifold. The server racks have certainly helped to

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How to Create a Watch Folder in Carbon Encoding Server
February 22, 2020 TECH benteasa

If you have Carbon Encoding Server and you want to batch process a lot of video files for conversion or encoding then you will want to setup Watch Folders so your users can more easily do this type of job. We use our watch folders for easily allowing our users to encode and convert multiple

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How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider
February 19, 2020 Internet benteasa

Many people dream of putting their lives and dreams on the Web for their loved ones to see. Some people do it the hard way and proceed ond designing their site from the ground up. Others who have no time spare simply assign the task to professionals who could do the job for them. Here

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Free File Hosting with Unlimited File Size
January 18, 2020 Internet, TECH benteasa

Have you ever wanted to send, receive or just store a giant file? We are talking about in the range of gigs. Free file hosting servers tend to have a max of 200mb of file hosting. These companies also have short expiration dates on files that they host deleting them after just 30 days. So

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TechTips – What is the VMWare Server 2.0 Default Password?
January 17, 2020 TECH benteasa

Recently I installed VMWare Server 2.0 on my laptop to test out the latest version and see if I liked it. After I got VMWare Server 2.0 installed they had totally changed the method of loading the Virtual Machines. I found that all of the administration is web based and you do it through your

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Cloud Bookmarking: Organize Your Bookmarks
January 15, 2020 TECH benteasa

I have a confession to make: I am a bookmark pack rat. I have had hundreds of bookmarks, the vast majority for websites I rarely (if ever) visit. I have made some attempts at organizing these (mostly through bookmark folders in Firefox) but I still have had loads of uncategoized bookmarks outside the folders. This

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iPods: The New Generation in Storage Devices
January 10, 2020 TECH benteasa

Do you ever hear people asking why are iPods so great or why everyone is making such a big deal about them? Well I can tell you exactly why iPods are the best music and multi-media storage device available. I’d like to start of by saying that I am a proud owner of a 30GB

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NZB Drop – Download All the Files, and Only the Files You Want
January 5, 2020 TECH benteasa

I download quite a bit of stuff off the Internet, streaming video, music from etree (an organization that tracks bands which allow their concerts to be taped and traded), dozens of different Linux distributions, and more. I also like to watch and participate in various discussion groups on the Internet, from topics dealing with politics

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